Methylcobalamin (10000 mcg.) Powder Drink

What is Neurivita:

 Neurivita is a revolutionary new Energy Drink whose essential component is METHYLCOBALAMIN. Methylcobalamin is the natural form of Vitamin B-12 which is formed when it is converted in the liver from cyanocobalamin.

Japanese scientists have identified this form of vitamin B12 that protects against neurological disease and aging by a unique mechanism that differs from current therapies. Some of the diseases that may be prevented or treated by Neurivita (Methylcobalamin) which is essentially a natural vitamin therapy include Parkinson’s disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and neurological aging. Americans have immediate access to this vitamin B12 analog and unlike prescription drugs, this natural therapy costs very little and is free of side effects.

It has till now been given in the shape of injectibles and oral sub-lingual tablets essentially to strengthen nerves and as a therapy in Diabetic Neuropathy and other similar states.

Now we are launching this revolutionary new natural vitamin in the shape of Powder Energy Drink in which each glass of the reconstituted drink (10 g.) of NEURIVITA provides equivalent to 1 Injection of Methylcobalamin (500 mcg.).

How Does Neurivita help you:

NEURIVITA (Methylcobalamin) donates methyl groups to the myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibers and regenerates damaged neurons. It acts in the following manners:

                        1.      CONTROLS AGEING

Japanese scientists have identified a form of vitamin B12 (METHYLCOBALAMIN) that protects against neurological disease and aging by a unique mechanism that differs from current therapies. Some of the disorders that may be preventable or treatable with this natural vitamin therapy, called methylcobalamin, include Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathies, Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy and, neurological aging.

                         2.      FIGHTS STRESS

According to Dr. Paul Cheney's treatment pyramid for CFIDS, vitamin B12 in methylcobalamin form is a potent detoxifier of the brain. Recent studies in Europe suggest that it needs to be given in large doses in the range of 10 - 20 mg per day, or even more. This supplementation of methylcobalamin might protect the cognitive function of patients with CFIDS by preventing the death of brain cells and helps in fighting stress.

                         3.      ENHANCES MEMORY

Two studies published in the Japanese journal Nippon Yakurigaku Zasshi (1976, Mar, 72,[2]: 269-278) showed that the administration of methylcobalamin caused significant increases in the in vivo incorporation of the amino acid leucine  into crushed sciatic nerves, resulting in a stimulating effect on protein synthesis repair and neural regeneration and thus enhances memory.


A study published in the journal Neuropharmacology showed that methylcobalamin reduced the amount of time subjects slept;  sleep quality was better, and subjects awoke feeling refreshed, with better alertness and concentration. Part of this effect was due to melatonin suppression during the daytime, because methylcobalamin supplementation reduces drowsiness by apparently decreasing daytime melatonin levels.


In a study in the European Journal of Pharmacology (1993 Sep.7;7;241 (1):1-6), it was shown that methylcobalamin protected against glutamate-, aspartate- and nitroprusside- induced neurotoxicity in rat cortical neurons and thus helped in regenerating damaged neurons.

                   Besides the above NEURIVITA also helps in :

·        Promoting growth and increasing appetite in children

·        Increases Energy

·        Maintains healthy nervous system

·        Peripheral, Diabetic, Alcoholic and Drug Induced Neuropathy

·        Bell’s Palsy

·        Cervical Vertebral Syndrome

·        Neuralgia and optic neuritis

·        Heart rate variations

·        H.I.V. and Malignancies

 Packing and Dosage:

Neurivita is available in 200 g. Tin Packs in 2 Delicious Flavours of Chocolate and Mango. Each 100 g. of NEURIVITA provides the following nutrients: Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg. Besides this it is also fortified with Riboflavine: 2.4mg, Thiamin: 2.4mg, Niacin: 33.5mg, Pyridoxine: 3mg, Folic Acid: 350mcg, Calcium: 155mg, Iron: 13mg

Serving Option: Add 2 Heaped Teaspoons (10g) of NEURIVITA to a mug of Hot/Cold Milk. Add sugar to taste. Daily Use Regime: Take 2 cups daily as Dietary Supplement, or As recommended by your health care provider

Ordering Information:

Each Tin of 200g. of NEURIVITA is available for Rs. 126/- per tin. Direct Orders can be given to the company by ordering information at our website: or can be sent by e-mail directly to: or at our distributors office at : NOVA DRUG (INDIA), 807 ARUNACHAL, 19 Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, NEW DELHI – 110 001 INDIA. All orders should be accompanied by D/D or Delhi Cheques for Rs. 126/- + Sales Tax @10% Rs. 12.60 + Postage @ Rs. 30/- per tin i.e. Total Rs. 168=60p. per tin (Please add 30/- for outstation cheque) in favour of “NOVA DRUG (INDIA)” payable at “NEW DELHI”. Orders will be dispatched after realisation of payments.


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What is Neurivita:


NEURIVITA makes NERVES STRONG and Keep brain Cell Healthy because NEURIVITA contains METHYL COBALAMIN, a derivative of Vitamin B-12. Methylcobalamin is the most Bio active Form of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 is a very rare Vitamin. It is available in foods like Eggs, Meat etc.(mainly Non-Veg Foods). Only 1% Vitamin B-12 is converted to Methyl Cobalamin in Liver in our body. But Vitamin B-12 is very sensitive Vitamin. It can be destroyed even by washing of our food products and vegetables. So ready made Methyl Cobalamin developed by Japanese Scientists can be very Strong Food Supplement to make Strong Nerves.







Latest Research has shown that NEURIVITA is specially very helpful to counter the harmful radiations caused by CELL PHONE usage.

Radiation from Cell Phone damages the nerves and causes many deadly diseases like cancer, Brain Tumour etc. As Neurivita makes the nerves strong so the radiations are unable to penetrate the nerves and damage it.

NEURIVITA is available as Powder to be mixed with Water or Milk in two delicious Flavours of Chocolate & Mango.

For People on a Diet or Diabetics, NEURIVITA is also available as Tasty Tablets which are Sugar Free.

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