CEFADROXIL 125/250 Dispersible Tablets, 500mg Tablets, 125mg/5ml Oral Suspension

The World's Fastest Growing Oral Antibiotic

     PRODROX is Ist generation Cephalosporin

     PRODROX is orally active and is effective against all gm+ve and gm-ve pathogens that cephalexin is effective against.

     PRODROX incorporates a hydroxyl group with the cephalexin structure which allows greater tissue concentration for longer periods of time and improved bioavailability

PRODROX is effective against

v    Beta haemolytic streptococci

v    Staphylococci including the betalactamase producing strains

v    S.pneumoneae

v    E.coli

v    P.Mirabilis

v    Klebsiella

PRODROX is pharmacokinetically superior to cephalexin. The absorption is rapid and is not affected by the presence of food. Half life is almost twice as that of cephalexin. This allowed lesse frequency of dosing (BID).

PRODROX is highly lipid soluble and the penetration into various body systems is much better compared to cephalexin. It is excreted virtually unchanged (92%) in urine.

PRODROX is indicated in -


-         Pharyngitis - 98% cure rate as compared to 75% with cephalexin

-         Tonsilitis

-         Laryngitis

-         Otitis media


-   Acute and chronic bronchitis

-   Bronchiectasis

-   Lung abscesses

-   Pneumonia


4.     SKIN & SOFT TISSUE INFECTIONS - PRODROX 1gm daily in a single dose is as effective as cephalexin 500mg four times daily.

Paediatric Infections - 95 to 100% cure rates

Orthopaedic Infections - 95 to 100% cure rates


Adults         -        1-2 gm/day in a single or two divided doses

Children     -        25-50mg/kg/day in a single or two divided doses



PRODROX                                       CEPHALEXIN


1. Contains additional hydroxyl (-OH)                 1. Does not contain hydroxyl group



1. Food does not interfere with                     1. Food reduces absorption of cephalexin

    absorption from GIT                                 by 30-40%

2. Rate of absorption is slower but                  2. Rate of absorption is faster and less

    more complete                                          complete

3. Greater in vivo volume of                        3. Lesser as compared to PRODROX


4. Higher and sustained serum and                 4. Lower serum and tissue levels

    tissue levels

5. Longer plasma half-life                          5. Shorter plasma half life

    (almost twice as compared to cephalexin)

6. Slower rate of urinary excretion                   6. More rapid rate of urinary excretion

7. Longer duration of action                        7. Shorter duration of action

8. Low plasma protein binding                      8. Higher plasma protein binding



1. Sustained antibiotic activity                  1. Antibiotic action is rapidly cleared

2. Higher bacteriological cure                  2. Lower bacteriological cure

3. More resistant to penicillinase                3. Less resistant to penicillinase enzyme



1. No rigid meal stipulation                       1. Rigid meal stipulation is required

                                               because food interferes with absorption

2. Just B.I.D. dosage                            2. T.I.D. or Q.I.D. dosage

PRODROX                                 AMOXICILLIN

1. Cephalosporin compound                   1. Penicillin compound

2. Effective against Klesiella and                 2. Not effective against Klebsiella and

    penicillinase producing S.aureus             penicillinase producing S.aureus

3. Effective against H.influenzae                 3. Incidence of amoxicillin resistant                                              H.influenzae is increasing

4. Patient compliance is better                   4. No patient compliance because of t.i.d.

    because of b.i.d. dosage                     dosage

5. More resistant to betalactamase                5. Less resistant to betalactamase enzyme


6. Effective against penicillin resistant              6. Not effective


PRODROX                              AMPICILLIN

1. Cephalosporin compound                   1. Penicillin compound

2. More resistant to betalactamase               2. More susceptible to betalactamase

3. Wider antibacterial spectrum                  3. Not effective against Klebsiella species

    (including penicillin resistant strains)

4. G.I.T. side effects are rare                   4. Diarrhoea is very common side effect

5. B.i.d. dose                               5. Q.i.d. dose

6. Food does not interfere with the              6. Food interferes with the oral absorption

    oral absorption so rigid meal                 of the drug so rigid meal stipulation is

    stipulation is not required                   required

7. Effective against penicillinase                 7. Not effective against penicillinase

    producing S.aureus                         producing S.aureus

8. Longer duration of action due to              8. Shorter duration of action

    high serum and tissue levels